Hi, my name is Gaelyn, the Geogypsy,

a boomer, female eco-traveler sharing stories and photos of a diverse world

I started exploring US National Parks in 1977 and 20 years later became a Park Ranger.   Summers you can find me at Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim.  Look for me in the visitor center, roving around trails or giving talks on various topics in the park.  I’d be happy to help you enjoy your visit.

During the winter I travel to other National Parks and focus on learning about the natural and cultural history of the places I visit.  Every world-wide designated landscape and historic site within the systems of preservation has a unique story about people and place.  I hope sharing these stories encourages you to follow your dream.

I’ve been journaling all my life, writing is a passion.  I began blogging in 2008 to discipline myself to write every day, or almost.  At first I was unsure about putting myself out into the cyberworld, would anybody really care.

Turns out people are interested in the places I travel to, hike, photograph and share.  I’ve met so many wonderful people blogging, and some of them in real life too.

That’s the short story.  To discover more about my past and how my journey brought me to where I am today check out my Herstory.

If you’d like to get in touch with me use this contact form.

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  1. Hello Gaelyn,

    I read that you are summer seasonal Park Ranger at Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim.

    I’m a geologist in Sydney, Australia, and have a webpage about sandstone caves and cliff features at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5737284/ss-joint-widening.htm

    There are some caves I have compared to yours around Kanab.

    I’ve put it all down to “cliff sapping” but actually I have not found anyone at all who discusses the formation of the caves. Can you guide me to any of that, please.

    Also notice that we have imaginary Eygptians too. I’ve read of the stories re Egyptians in the Grand Canyon and of the doings of Freddy Crystal around Kanab.

    If I have made any American errors I’d appreciate knowing them in order to correct such.

    Best Regards,

    John Byrnes


  2. Dear Gaelyn,

    You are my Soul Sister….. I am coming West in Sept.. and I must meet you!!!!!!

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