Dec 142013

Devil's Corkscrew Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

The Devil’s Corkscrew Bright Angel trail Grand Canyon National Park switchbacks across the Precambrian Vishnu schist.  Long ago this trail cost a toll of money as well as body.  Would you have paid to hike this?

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  1. Nice photo, Gaelyn. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like a scary hike.
    longdog2 recently posted..Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Run, Ride, and Car ShowMy Profile

  3. It’s a beautiful place, and completely unique. Yes, I’d have paid my toll!

  4. Yes, nice photo. Don’t think my legs would take me the distance but wished I had walked the trail back in the days when my legs would have…………………..
    Bayfield Bunch AL recently posted..NOT MUCH GOING ONMy Profile

  5. Nice shot. I always thought that I would hike that trail but it doesn’t seem likely now.
    Yogi recently posted..Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat – Logan’s RecitalMy Profile

  6. I would like nothing better than to be on those trails in the GC. What a beautiful place, like no other. Came last fall when it was closed. Just my luck but will be back. Thank you for your photos of the trails. Give’s one some perspective of what to expect in such terrain. Happy hiking…..

  7. If it’s not too hot, I’d go…maybe. Or perhaps I’d just settle for an equally beautiful photo to yours.
    Bibi recently posted..It’s that time of year again….My Profile

  8. There you go again with another just mind boggling picture. I would love to hike that trail and depending on the cost I would pay to do it. I hiked part way down and took pictures from the top and as I went down and up but none of them are even close to as fantastic as this one. Everyone who hikes it should get a copy of this picture to frame.

  9. I just sent off a comment but it didn’t post so I’m sending this one to see if I can figure out why.
    Sherry recently posted..And then the winds cameMy Profile

  10. Did the toll include a stretcher for on the way back? Boy is it beautiful!!!
    Sallie (FullTime-Life) recently posted..FLORIDA CHRISTMASMy Profile

  11. Your spectacular photo makes me dizzy just looking at it. No, don’t think I could commit. Would hate to have to get a helicopter to get me out!
    Lynda recently posted..Fun and service in Yuma…My Profile

  12. Hi Gaelyn, Wayne R. suggested I check out the folded Bass Limestone while descending the corkscrew. Will this be seen north, across the river? We’ll be hiking down the BA and up the SK this Tuesday. I’m the anoying one pointing out the geology along the way.

    • Hi Chris. It’s been a while since I hiked the BA. I know you can see the Bass on the NK before the Box. Seems like the Bass would be right on top of the Vishnu as you start the descent. Wayne would know best. Have a wonderful hike.

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