01 SR60 W to Quartzsite AZ (1024x434)
The drive to Quartzsite takes me into the Sonoran desert where it feels like the middle of nowhere.  Just where I like to be.
02 vendors in Quartzsite AZ (1024x576)
And then there’s Quartzsite, which during this time of year offers a little bit of everything to shop for.
03 rocks from around the world (1024x743)
Rocks from around the world.  I refrained as I already have too many rocks in my head, plus all over my house and yard.  But someday, I want an amethyst geode big enough to sit in.
04 Rock & wood carvings Quartzsite AZ (1024x576)
Carvings in rock and wood.
05 Bromilades in fower Quartzsite AZ (1024x768)
Berta bought one of these unusual air plants called bromeliads.  Although it doesn’t need to be planted, just watered once in a while, my black thumb would surely kill it.  I can’t stand to watch plants die.
06 Berta looking at beads Quartzsite AZ (1024x768)
I went to Quartzsite to shop for beads.
07 Bead buys from Quartzsite AZ (1024x576)
And came home with some some great finds.