Desert Vulture Mine Road Wickenburg Arizona
Desert near Vulture Mine – Wickenburg Arizona
After a delightful winter of play in the southwest’s deserts I returned yet again to Oregon Caves National Monument to lead cave tours as a seasonal Park Ranger.
Crawling out of small Manhole cave opening Oregon Caves National Monument Oregon
Me in the Man-hole
This year, off-trail wild cave tours were offered once a week to visitors in groups of no more than six plus two Rangers. It was so much fun crawling on bellies through small passages while safely introducing people to the underworld.
Visitors on wild cave tour Oregon Caves National Monument Oregon
Tour group reverse star gazing
I also returned to host at Cave Creek campground located only four miles from Oregon Caves.
Host site Cave Creek campground Siskyou National Forest Oregon
Host site – Cave Creek campground Siskyou NF
This small campground of 18 tent sites along the creek and scattered around a one mile loop road offers peace and quiet in a diverse lush forest of Douglas Fir, Madrone, Oak, Maple and more.
Tiger Lily along Cave Creek Siskyou National Forest Oregon
Tiger Lilly
Coral Orchid Siskyou National Forest Oregon
Coral Orchid
The Cave Creek trail runs two miles downhill from the cave to the campground. Going for a walk in the early morning always offered pleasant surprises.
Dew on spider web Cave Creek trail Siskyou National Forest Oregon
Dew on a spider web
Roth Forest Snail Siskyou National Forest Oregon
Roth Forest Snail
Rogue River Oregon
Rogue River, Oregon
A group of Rangers rented a raft to float about 15 miles on the Rogue River out of Grants Pass. We saw deer, bald eagles, turtles, and osprey. A warm day with rather low water allowed us to float in lifejackets near the raft.
Wizard Island Crater Lake National Park Oregon
Wizard Island – Crater Lake National Park
Seems like it was a busy and fun filled summer as I revisited some of the spectacular landscapes of southwestern Oregon.
Feeling small below the towering Redwoods Redwood National Park California
Colleen at Redwoods National Park
While walking with friends through the Redwoods on a short nature trail we suddenly heard music drifting through the air. A sax player we never saw truly enhanced the experience that day. Even the little people were dancing.
Pelican State Beach California
Pelican State Beach near the California & Oregon border
I don’t think I ever visited the nearby coast when the sun was out, and I’m kind of like a plant when it comes to sun. So I headed back to Arizona.
Elderberry in fall color Oregon