April 3, 2016

Vermilion Cliffs Bunting Trail Kanab Utah

It’s so nice to live nearby the dog friendly Bunting Trail in Kanab, Utah with the first half mile an easy walk before ascending 800 feet (244 m) for the 1.25 miles (2 km) to the top.  Can’t say I’ve made it to the end yet.


Leg trap warning sign Bunting Trail Kanab UtahHowever we don’t go here for the two months some assholes set out traps presumably for coyotes.  Leave it to BLM with their almost anything goes attitudes.  And the trail is sloppy after rain or snow melt that creates a sandy, clay slick mess.

Sasha Bunting Trail Kanab Utah

With clear blue skies on Monday, Bill called because Sasha wanted to get out for some exercise.  Probably needed to check her social media along this frequently visited trail.

Vermilion Cliffs Bunting Trail Kanab Utah

Mostly we did a slow walk in the wash, not very far because my knee is still a little sore from my curb trip a few weeks ago.  Going up isn’t too bad, down still tough, and the sand made a soft surface to exercise leg muscles.  I paused frequently to stare at the towering Vermilion Cliffs.

Juniper tree root in wash Bunting Trail Kanab Utah

Besides where water cuts through the land it reveals so much story, layers of the rock and sand deposits and roots searching deep for water.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day in the high 60sF (15sC) with a light breeze.

Not much blooming but did see a lot of fresh growth at the tips of the Junipers.  Don’t know if it’s been too dry or the recent cold and light snow froze out the flowers.  Maybe it’s just too early for these spring blooms to show themselves.  The Tamarisk, or Salt Cedar, was leafing out, an invasive that sucks lots of water.

Kaibab Plateau from Bunting Trail head Kanab Utah

Didn’t make it to the dinosaur tracks this time.  But what the heck, the Bunting Trail is so close, we’re bound to be back.  Sasha will insist.  And some day I just might make it to the top where there is a small panel of petroglyphs and a bigger view.


BLM map Bunting Trail Kanab UtahDirections to trail head
From the stoplight at the junction of SR89 and SR89A the southern end of Kanab, Utah, go south toward Fredonia then turn right on Kanab Creek Drive.  About 2 miles (3 km) through the Ranchos Subdivision turn right on Stanfield Drive.  The trail head parking is at the bottom of a hill.  This tends to be a “locals” trail yet if you’re staying in Kanab with your pet try out the dog friendly Bunting Trail.