Yarnell Car Show posterWith over 250 entries the first Yarnell Car Show had almost more cars than town.  The population of Yarnell at last census was about 800, after the 2013 fire destroyed over 100 homes the population is less.  Downtown can’t be more than a couple miles long.

BelAire Yarnell Car Show ArizonaBelAire

Scottsdale resident and firefighter Lance Parker loves Yarnell and classic cars so put the two together to raise funds for the Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Park.

Yarnell Car Show ArizonaI have never seen so many people in town.  I walked for about 3 hours, down one side of the main street and back up the other.

El Camino Yarnell Car Show ArizonaEl Camino

My Dad liked cars and worked his way from mechanic to Service Manager at a Cadillac dealership in the Chicago suburbs.  He taught me quite a bit about repairs, when you could still fix cars yourself.  A friend drove an El Camino and I remember that the doors weighed a ton.  The owner of this one told me the door hinges had to be replaced often.

Hood ornament Yarnell Car Show ArizonaI just love hood ornaments.  Now that I drive a Dodge guess it’s time to put a Ram on the hood, plus I’m an Aries.

Panel truck Yarnell Car Show ArizonaOne of my favorites

I may not know the exact years or models but I do know these cars have personality and style.  Today’s cars all look alike to me.  But then I’m more into trucks.

Yarnell Car Show Arizona

Roadster Yarnell Car Show Arizona

Jail Yarnell Car Show ArizonaIf you drive too fast you’ll end up here

Javlin Yarnell Car Show ArizonaJavlin

Corvettes Yarnell Car Show ArizonaCorvettes

Dad used to take me cruising in his 1963 Corvette, until he blew the engine.

Chevy truck Yarnell Car Show ArizonaChevy

Muscians Yarnell Car Show ArizonaThere was music keeping to the classic theme which fits right in with vintage Yarnell.

Chevy truck Yarnell Car Show ArizonaChevy

Willys Yarnell Car Show ArizonaWillys

Plymoth hood & grill Yarnell Car Show ArizonaPlymouth

Big Boy's Toyz booth Yarnell Car Show ArizonaAnd car stuff for sale.

Hudson Hornet Yarnell Car Show ArizonaMy all time favorite was the Hudson Hornet.  Mom drove one in this same deep red.

Seems like the Yarnell Car Show was a huge success so hope it happens again next year.

Any of these bring back memories?