Seaweed Bandon OregonEnjoyed the best weather during two and a half days of beach bumming in Bandon, Oregon.

Beach grass Bandon OregonJust a short walk from the hotel through the pines and over the grass covered dunes to the beach.

Beach at sunset Bandon OregonI found a stump to sit on and watch the sunset.

High tide around the stump I'm sitting on Bandon OregonWondering if the tide was coming in or going out.  Turned out to be almost high tide so I abandoned by stump.

Rainbow at Facerock Bandon OregonGifted by a rainbow at Facerock (far left).

Seagull on Pier pole Coquille R Bandon OregonOld Town Market along the Coquille River offering robust looking fresh organic vegetables and almost still wiggling fish and seafood along with a variety of creative arts and crafts.

Lighthouse Bandon OregonLighthouse at the mouth of the Coquille River which unfortunately didn’t get to tour.

The jetty at Coquille River mouth Bandon OregonWaves rolled high at the jetty.

Pebble beach by jetty Bandon OregonWhere I found an agate my first step onto the pebbled beach.

Driftwood Bandon OregonGiant driftwood smoothed by waves, wind and sand forms sculptural furniture.

Honeycomb erosion on beach rock Bandon OregonGeologic marvels of honeycomb erosion.

Hole in seastack Bandon OregonHole in rock at Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge had caught the corner of my eye in a quick flash a couple times while driving the Beach Loop Road between town and the hotel.