Zion National Park

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Oct 172011
01 Zion NP sign (768x1024)
Shortly after returning from the Colorado River trip, I took a drive to Hurricane to shop and returned home by way of Zion National Park.
02 Virgin River Zion NP UT (768x1024)
The shuttle ride up Zion Canyon makes many stops at trail heads and ends at the River Walk trail.  No cars are allowed during summer unless you have reservations at the Lodge.
03 Columbine along River trail Zion NP UT (768x1024)
In August the Columbine still bloomed.
04 Little fishes in Virgin River Zion NP UT (1024x766)
And little fishes abounded in the Virgin River.
05 Virgin River Zion NP UT (1024x768)
Didn’t wade upriver in the Narrows like I’d done before.
06 Monuments of sandstone Zion NP UT (1024x768)
Monuments of sandstone tower over the drive east out of Zion.
07 Walls of sandstone Zion NP UT (1024x762)
And the road follows the contour of the canyon walls.
08 First tunnel Zion NP UT (1024x720)
Except where tunnels were built through in 1930.  Over-sized vehicles must make arrangements in advance to drive through the tunnels.
09 Windows in tunnel wall Zion NP UT (1024x768)
Windows were added for light and to disperse car fumes.  I sure couldn’t get a photo out any of the windows as there is no stopping in the tunnels.
10 Second tunnel Zion NP UT (1024x739)
The second tunnel is much shorter.
11 Checkerboard Mesa Zion NP UT (1024x768)
Yet the sculpted sandstone continues.
Have you visited Zion National Park?
Oct 032011
I’ve been so busy this summer and have so much to post about that I can’t seem to catch up.  So here’s a few images from the days of summer, with more to follow.
01 Colorado River trip (768x1024)
Colorado River Grand Canyon National Park
02 Zion NP (1024x809)
03 View of GRCA from Nankoweap trailhead GRCA (1024x767)
Grand Canyon view from Nankoweap trailhead
04 Painted Desert (1024x973)
Many drives through the Painted desert
05 Lightning over canyon
Massive storms over the canyon
06 Kaibab NF (768x1024)
Drives through Kaibab National Forest
07 Lake Powell (1024x768)
07a Rainbow Bridge (1024x768)
08 Navajo Bridge over Marble Canyon (1024x743)
Navajo Bridge over Marble Canyon
09 Fall aspen (1024x768)
Fall aspen
Only two weeks left to my season at Grand Canyon. Then off on a road trip.
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