So here’s the scenario
When I’m at the canyon on the plateau
I get DSL and am all aglow
But when in Yarnell there is no flow
Cause I’m on dial-up and it’s so slow
The speed is 52Kbps or below
When it drops to 7 I feel the deathblow
I prewrite my posts and get them ready to go
Push the button to make it show
Then I wait and watch my fingernails grow
Maybe I should take up playing the banjo
Only 15 more minutes to go
No way I dare to add video
How much must I undergo
So now I’ve lost patience, bravissimo
I figured it out and I have the dough
So bought a wireless modem with the click of an arrow
And come Tuesday should be the end of my woe
Of dealing with dial-up, which is slower than slow
I started this blog three hours ago

I signed up with Verizon for a free 5gb USB727 wireless modem, free activation & shipping for $59.99/mo. And when their service is unavailable—at Grand Canyon North Rim—the service goes on vacation and is added to the end of the 2-year contract. I sure hope this works while at my winter home and traveling.