01 New truck pulls Jan's 1955 Spartan trailer NR GRCA NP AZ (1024x689)

Thursday Mike and I hauled a friends vintage 1955 Spartan trailer to Flagstaff.

02 Sundog over Painted Desert SR89A S AZ (1024x768)

Saw a little sundog over the Painted Desert.

03 Storm over Mt Humphreys SR89 S AZ (1024x765)

Drove towards a major storm approaching Mt Humphreys.

04 Mural on store Flagstaff AZ (1024x750)

Flagstaff has a very fun oldtown where I bought gear for my upcoming trip on the Colorado River.

05 Galaxy Diner Flagstaff AZ (1024x768)

Had dinner in the funky Galaxy Diner.

06b Cadilac Coupe de Ville at Galaxy Diner Flagstaff AZ (1024x767) 06a Chey BelAir at Galaxy Diner Flagstaff AZ (1024x767)

Where some nice old cars were parked in the lot.

07 Storm SR89 N leaving Flagstaff AZ (1024x650)

On the return drive Saturday we again drove through a storm passing Mt Humphreys.

08 Little Colorado River from SR89 N Cameron AZ (1024x751)

It rained so hard even the Little Colorado River was flowing at Cameron.

09 Painted Desert SR89 N AZ (1024x766)

Then the clouds broke up over the Painted Desert.

10 Colorado River Marble Canyon from Navajo Bridge SR89A AZ (768x1024)

And the sun shone on the Colorado River at Marble Canyon.

11 Storm over Kaibab Plateau from SR89A W AZ (1024x766)

But the clear sky didn’t last as we approached the Kaibab Plateau where home is.


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