Mike was thinking of fry bread and mutton stew.

01 View from FS road Dixie NF UT (1024x764)

When we went to Cedar Breaks National Monument we’d planned to camp in the adjacent Dixie National Forest. There weren’t very many side roads in this forest, at least not like I’m used to in other National Forests. We pulled off onto a nice little overlook and were looking for someplace level to park…

02 Sheep herding dogs on FS road Dixie NF UT (1024x768)

…when the Brian Head Marshall pulled up and informed us that the sheep were coming through so we’d better park and turn off the noisy diesel.

Mutton stew on the hoof

We stayed in the truck for what seemed like 15 minutes watching the flock flow past then two cowboys, or sheep herders, rode out of the dust at the rear. After this show, and all the sheep poop left behind, we camped at the monument’s campground.