01 Ranch Tuweep Rd BLM AZ pano (516x1024) 

While ranchers used the Toroweap valley seasonally in the early 1900s, the first year round homestead was the Lower Kent Ranch, built in 1927, located just north of the park.

02 Old chimney from ranch Tuweep Rd BLM AZ (1024x761)

On our way out of Tuweep/Toroweap we saw the evidence ranching in the past.

03 Old stone foundation leaving Tuweep BLM AZ pano (1024x1010)

Some places older than others.

04 Tuweep Valley BLM AZ (1024x601)

The Tuweep Valley stretches on for miles once out of the park and is still used as range land leased by the Bureau of Land Management.

05 Cows in shade leaving Tuweep BLM AZ (1024x764)