Last week I went to visit a dentist in Algodones, Mexico.  The office and facilities are large and clean.  The staff very friendly with some English spoken and the rest translated answered my questions.  Yet I didn’t opt for their offer.  I had specifically asked if they did the “All-on-4 fixed” denture implants when making the appointment.  But they do something different which would require bone grafting and a sinus lift.  No thanks, I already suffer from sinusitis.  Plus still extremely expensive and would take until next October to complete.  The all-on-4 implants are done in a day with my current dentures attached and in three months I’d get permanent porcelain teeth.
01 View on to pool area from our 3rd floor room Quechan Casino Resort Winterhaven CA (1024x741)
So even though I haven’t decided what to do about my teeth it wasn’t hard to decide to stay a second night at the Quechan Casino Resort.  The Buffet and Food Court were both good although room service for breakfast was cold.
02 Hot rub and pool-river Quechan Casino Resort Winterhaven CA (1024x768)
The highlight of the stay was soaking in the hot tub, several times.  We passed on the cooler river/pool water that has a light current.  Looked like fun if it had been warmer outside.
03 Pool-river Quechan Casino Resort Winterhaven CA (1024x760)
I only gambled the $10 given to me on my “free” club card.  Oh yea, and $1 to get the card thing started.  I’m not much of a gambler.
04 Drug & alcohol purchases in Algodones Mexico (768x1024)
My purchases in Mexico included drugs and alcohol.
Unfortunately I started getting sick on our drive back home.  Nose running, coughing and lost my voice for two days.  I’m feeling a little better today, just not 100%.