Day two on the journey home.

01 Oscar sitting on bed Del Rio TX (768x1024)

Oscar waited patiently…

02 Hidden Valley RV Park Del Rio TX (1024x768)

…while I strolled around the Hidden Valley RV Park in Del Rio, Texas taking photos.

03 Bridges SH90 W TX (1024x768)

If it seems like a reverse of the trip south almost two months ago, it is.

04 Inspection Station SH90 W TX (1024x676)

Back through the inspection stations.

06 Pecos River crossing SH90W TX (1024x768)

Across the Pecos River.

07 Windmill SH90W TX (1024x768)

Past vast landscapes, ranches from the past and present.

08 SH90W approaching Marathon TX (1024x768)

Then finally the hills of northwest Texas…

09 Evidence of fire along SH90W east of Alpine TX (1024x753)

…and evidence of recent fire just outside Alpine.

10 Train along SH90W TX (1024x723)

Today’s long journey took me 312 miles to Van Horn, Texas. Hoping to cross the Arizona border tomorrow.

11 Sunset from KOA Van Horn TX pano (1024x625)