Mt. Hood in Oregon 1996

Mt Hood, one of 15 volcanoes in the North Cascades of British Columbia, Canada, Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Named by European explorers on Captain George Vancouver’s 1792 discovery expedition after a British Admiral, Samuel Hood.

Mt Hood was originally known by the native Klickitat, Cowlitz, and Multnomah people as Wyeast. His father, the Great Spirit, made him Chief of the people on the south side of the mighty river (today known as the Columbia River). His brother Pahtoe—who we know as Mt Adams—was made Chief of the people north of the river. For long times all the people traveled back and forth across the river on the stone Bridge of the Gods and they passed by the beautiful Loowit, Keeper of the Fire—now known as Mount Saint Helens. The brothers both came to love Loowit and both asked her to be his wife. She could not decide and the brothers began to quarrel. Thunder roared and lightning flashed as they threw hot rocks and spewed fire. The earth trembled and broke the bridge. When the Great Spirit saw this he smote the three lovers turning them into mountains of stone and ice.

Mt. Adams in Washington 1996

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Mt. St. Helens in Washington 1996

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