I’ve been googleing my long divorced family’s names for years with no luck. It wasn’t an amicable or ugly divorce, it just was. I never wished ill on my x-husband, in fact I hoped the best for him. But contact was lost. I managed to hear from my step-son’s girlfriend for a while so knew of the birth of a grandson. But they parted from each other, and, sadly from me. Then I hit the road and become very difficult to keep track of myself. That had to be at least 15 years ago.

Last night I decided to look for my x on facebook, and, there he was maybe. So I sent him a very short note. Surprise! This morning I got a reply. I was so excited I thought I’d just burst. We did a quick catch up via facebook. Then, tonight he called.

He’s following his dream and has a 44’ sailboat and in two years, his wife of two years and he plan to sail off into the sunset. He always wanted to cruise. Way back when I also wanted to travel, but I discovered, not by boat.

Now I have a phone number for my step-son but his phone is not accepting calls right now. Hell, it’s probably bedtime where he is. But I will get to talk to him also and then I’ll have something else to post about.

I’m still excited!