Mar 212012
Have I mentioned that I Love Jewelry!? 
I haven’t had time to go thrift shopping.  What a drag, but not on my pocket book.  Maybe today while I’m in Prescott.
So here’s some thrifty purchases from the past.  Can you pick out the new items?
What kinds of treasures have you discovered lately?

Mar 142012
My dear friend Berta is a thrifty shopper extraordinaire.  Last week I shared a few views of her yard and promised I’d tour the inside of her house as well.
01 Blue, red & purple glass over sink Berta's house Yarnell AZ phone (1024x543)
Berta likes color and glass.  And what better way to show both off but in a window.  This colorful collection sits above the kitchen sink.
02 Fireplace & stuff Berta's house Yarnell AZ phone (577x1024)
The fireplace was closed off years ago (I like the multi-colored brick).  I think everything in this shot was bought at a thrift store or yard sale.
03 Ladies corner Berta's house Yarnell AZ phone (1024x609)
I call this the “ladies corner” and the only thing purchased new is the window frame with dried flowers bought at a craft show.
04 Bird cage display Berta's house Yarnell AZ phone (577x1024)
Berta can tell you exactly where each wonderful treasure came from, right down to the location of the yard sale.
05 Reflective corner Berta's house Yarnell AZ phone (561x1024)
And I just love how she displays her thrifty treasures.
06 Blue bathroom window Berta's house Yarnell AZ phone (577x1024)
Even her bathroom window is delightful.
I sure hope to get out to do some thrift shopping soon. 
What thrifty treasures have you discovered?
My dear friend Berta is recovering from a shoulder replacement.  So if you notice any dust, please know we call it “velvet,” and live with it.

Mar 072012
01 Next to Berta's garage Yarnell AZ (600x800) (600x800)
I haven’t gotten out to any thrift stores this week so am digging into the archives of my dear thrifty friend Berta.
02 Berta's flowers Yarnell AZ (1024x577)
The outside of her house is highly decorated with thrifty finds.  And one of these days I’ll take you inside.
03 Yard Sale at Berta's Yarnell AZ (800x600) (800x600)
Sometimes, between the two of us, we get too much stuff and have to have a yard sale.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.
 04 Gaelyn modeling the Victoria's secret Laughlin NV (768x1024)
And from last week’s thrifty finds, my Victoria’s Secret modeled in our hotel room at Laughlin, Nevada.
Wonder what thrifty treasures you’ve discovered lately.