01 The Lost Galleon for lunch with Mom Port Isabel TX (1024x755)

Mom and I enjoyed our weekend off from doctors and moving plans. Sunday we went to Port Isabel for an all-you-can-eat fish lunch at The Lost Galleon. The place was packed at 2pm but we didn’t wait long and chatted with some folks outside on the bench. The lightly breaded fish was certainly worth it along with fried okra and french-fries. Non of it greasy yet I felt a bit overloaded on “fried”.

02 Port Isabel lighthouse TX (1024x764)

After lunch we took a pleasure drive. While Mom gets around fairly well with her walker-on-wheels complete with brakes and a compartment that doubles for a seat, but not for far or long. Plus the wind was blowing a steady 25mph with gusts.

03 Bridge to Port Isabel from Causeway TX (1024x750)

We crossed the causeway to Padre Island.

04 Sand dunes along Park Rd 100 Padre Island TX (1024x664)

And headed for the beach.

05 Sand dunes & Gulf of Mexico along Park Rd 100 Padre Island TX pano (1024x268)

Mom talked about past visits here with my Dad in the big truck driving on the firm packed beach near the waves, going with friends, and even with me. How she liked to walk on the beach gathering shells and enjoy a picnic.

06 Gaelyn's shadow on sand along Park Rd 100 Padre Island TX (768x1024)

I found a shell that seemed to have her name on it and gave it to her to add to the home collection. (Just one more thing to move or not.)

07 Mom in car along Park Rd 100 Padre Island TX (1024x738)

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