01 Hwy 89A E Kaibab NF AZ (1024x504)

Off the plateau on Highway 89A east

By the time you read this I’ll be on the road to my winter home.

02 House Rock Valley & Vermilion Cliffs Hwy 89A E Kaibab NF AZ (1024x762)

House Rock Valley and Vermilion Cliffs on Highway 89A east

It’s a seven hour drive through some extremely pretty country.

03 Marble Canyon & Echo Cliffs Hwy 89A E AZ (1024x757)

Echo Cliffs behind Marble Canyon

With three days off I’m going to see my Sweetie plus load the slide-in camper on the truck for future camping fun.

04 Painted Desert Hwy 89 S AZ (1024x766)

Painted Desert along Highway 89 south

Hope to go thrift storing with Berta on Thursday while Mike’s at work. 

05 Smoke SF Peaks Hwy 89 S AZ (1024x751)

Forest fire on San Francisco Peaks

And just maybe, when I have to leave on Friday, Mike will follow me back to the North Rim for the holiday weekend.

06 View E Iron Springs Rd Kirkland AZ (1024x624)

Bradshaw Mountains from Iron Springs Road

Sure wish I had a tow bar.

07 Light on Weaver Mts Yarnell aZ (1024x768)

Weaver Mountains