Fall Aspen and Douglas Fir in Kaibab National Forest
I left the North Rim at 3:15pm. Along the meadows Aspen showed their finest gold to orange colors, sometimes like a fence or mixed into the towering evergreens.

Vermilion Cliffs
As I droped about 3000 feet off the Kaibab Plateau to House Rock Valley the temperature increased from fall back to summer.

Vermilion Cliffs
Back in the 1870s John Wesley Powell named this magnificent 3000 foot escarpment appropriately.

After crossing the Colorado River the highway turns south and parallels Echo Cliffs. The moon was up as the sun went down…

…enhancing the colors of the Painted Desert.

And the sunset was spectacular.

Sunset over Humphreys Peak
Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Flagstaff until after dark.

That is the moon
All photos were taken while I was driving. Some come out better than others. The road is smooth yet full of dips.

Made it to the KOA RV Park where I’ve camped several times before. Always get good WIFI. Tomorrow I drive the rest of the way to Yarnell.

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