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 Posted by on January 27, 2013  South Africa
Jan 272013
Elephants Kruger NP

Elephants Kruger National Park

Last week’s post, Postcards are like a Tweet on Paper, included an opportunity to receive a postcard from South Africa during my visit there. (Leaving in five days!) I’ll be touring for six weeks.

I am surprised how many postcard collectors still exist in this electronic age. There’s even a website called Postcrossing “that allows anyone to receive postcards (real ones, not electronic) from random places in the world.”


I’ve asked the “Postcards from South Africa” recipients to note when their postcard arrives so we can track how long it took to get to its destination. I’ll try to post on the blog when a card gets mailed. I’ve also asked the recipients to take a photo of their postcard and post on their blog, if they have one. That way all of you will receive a Postcard from South Africa as well.

Please follow along to see how many days, weeks or months it takes for postcards to travel from somewhere in South Africa to…

Karen at FabGrandma in Georgia, USA, who got me started blogging over four years ago while we worked together at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Diane at Life in Charente, France who once lived in South Africa and misses it daily.

Melissa from New Hampshire, USA may not be a blogger but is a faithful reader here.

Lynda from Stillhowlyn Travels often lives in a RV so her location changes frequently and she leaves this week for Roatan, Honduras. Not sure where her postcard will be sent to yet.

Sherry and David at Direction of our Dreams live full-time in their RV spending this winter primarily in Florida but their mail goes to Virginia, USA. Have to see how much longer it takes for their postcard to catch up with them.

Elaine at A Scattering in Ontario, Canada shares her amazing photography to influence others to travel, or just enjoy.

Mary Beth at Small City Scenes lives on a ranch in Washington, USA providing glimpses into a beautiful and rich life.

Jonker at The Firefly Photo Files actually lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and I plan to meet him during my visit. Wonder if I’ll beat his postcard there?

Sallie at A Full-Time Life also lives, as the title indicates, full-time in a RV traveling around the USA though has recently fell in love with Florida. Not sure where her postcard is going yet.

Pat is a Yankee in Belgrade, Serbia who captures the candid moments of life like no other. She will soon be traveling to India.

Alan at Yogi’s Den lives in Oklahoma, USA and has more unusual kinds of cameras than anyone I know plus loves to geocache.

Cape of Good Hope sign

And if you didn’t get chosen for a postcard here keep checking for a chance on Geogypsy’s Facebook page.

Sandy Keech from North Carolina, USA recognized the Waterbuck posted on Facebook and will be sent a post card from South Africa.

Gaelyn on an ostrich

Would you do this?

I want to thank all you faithful followers and cyber-friends because without you, this website would be nothing.  Hope you’ll keep following my adventures.


Capturing the present for future memories of the past

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  1. i don’t have a blog, but i will certainly post a picture of my postcard on your facebook page. and NO, i would NOT ride an ostrich! =o)

  2. Happy trip G. This would be a great adventure again. Glad you chose SA. You get to see the places where you have not visited the last time.

    Take care, and capture memories!
    Ebie recently posted..Sunrise at Dante’s ViewMy Profile

  3. Wow, six weeks from end of this week! I am so glad, as it means we may be able to meet! (We leave site on 1 March) No, I have not eaten ostrich, merely because I’m a vegetarian! I’ve also not ridden one. Good on you! I have never received a postcard although every time I go into a curio shop, I buy them for my own collection! Especially the “wildlife” ones – the Cheetah and the traffic cop – like you show above! Very cool idea to have sent these onto bloggers all over the world, I was wondering if you’re going to meet Jonker this time. I often comment on his blog but never get a response. We ride (our bike) through Port Elizabeth every time we go to the Cape and I always think I would love to meet him. Please, Gaelyn, keep in touch and here’s to meeting you! (((Hugs))) Jo
    Jo recently posted..Strange Fungi in MwaduiMy Profile

    • I am ready to go, mentally, just not packed yet. I could very well be in PE or Tsitsikamma around the first of March. And yes I plan to meet Jonker. I sure hope we can meet up somewhere. Are you going on a bike tour?

    • I am guilty as charged and now feel super bad that I haven’t been commenting on your posts.. I promise I’ll just about spam you in future. *wink* You can ask Gaelyn, I’m notriously bad replying to emails (which is about the same kind of thing) and still owe her a Port Elizabeth post before she leaves for SA. Eish. Sorry Gaelyn.
      Firefly recently posted..Vicky DavisMy Profile

  4. Well crap I missed this opportunity thanks to being at work for the last 7 days, maybe next time. Safe travels…
    Brit Gal Sarah recently posted..Unrednecking day!My Profile

  5. Ostrich neck cooked like oxtail is one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. Yum yum. Diane
    Diane recently posted..Christmas in Casablanca Part 3My Profile

  6. You’re getting ready for a long journey, Gaelyn. Stay well and safe. Have a great trip!
    Barb recently posted..Split Personality – Mindful Writing ChallengeMy Profile

  7. Very cool post:) And hell no! I would not get on top of an ostrich! Those things are crazy! Although they would be cool to ride entering a battle. I would make a fabulous entry on my ostrich as everyone rode their plain ol’ horses. We’d outrun them and head to Wyoming because no one live there:)
    Rohrerbot recently posted..The Whispering WillowsMy Profile

  8. I am so pleased to be chosen to receive a post card from your trip. I’ll e-mail my Florida address (hopefully it will get here before we leave in May!).
    Sallie (FullTime-Life) recently posted..WHITE IBISMy Profile

  9. I’ll keep checking for more chances to get your postcards. It’ll be fun to find out how long they’ll take to get to the recipients.
    Catherine Sweeney recently posted..Romantic ViennaMy Profile

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