Jun 132012

01 Grand Fire (1024x678)

Tuesday afternoon fire was spotted 11 miles southeast of Grand Canyon Village and just west of the Grandview Lookout Tower on the Kaibab National Forest.  As of Tuesday night the Grand Fire covered 400 acres with 50 percent contained and a containment line around the fire.  The cause is under investigation.

02 Grand Fire (1024x540)

Smoke could be seen from the North Rim all afternoon and after dark a glow could be seen on the horizon.

03 Grand Fire (1024x678)

There is still a complete fire ban on the Kaibab National Forest including smoking cigarettes limited to inside buildings or vehicles only.  Campgrounds on the South Rim have banned campfires due to the “Extreme” fire warning.  The North Rim fire warning is “Very High” and campfires are allowed in the campground fire rings only.

04 Grand Fire (1024x472)

Light winter snow pack has left Arizona dryer than usual.  Please use caution.

05 Smokey sunset from Grand Fire (1024x476)

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  1. I know the problem well when the grass is dry, we used to have bad fires In S.A. Some people just do not seem to care sadly, though if it is very hot it is not always a person who starts the fire. Diane
    Diane recently posted..LacockMy Profile

  2. It has been difficult to turn on the world news every night…so many fires all over the west. We have not had rain here in Chicagland for a couple weeks…with none forecasted in the near future.
    Katie recently posted..Skin Cancer Awareness MonthMy Profile

  3. Gaelyn, I wish I could send you some of this drenching rain! It’s pouring here this morning! Colorado and New Mexico could use it too! Stay safe my friend! Love the photos. Just beautiful!
    Kathiesbirds recently posted..Baby Brown Creeper WBWMy Profile

  4. YIKES! Kaibab was my home for almost 6 years! Beautiful forest, nice boondocking camping there. But lots of undergrowth when I was there (early 1980’s) and that would fuel a fire for sure! I always worry about the wildlife when I hear about fires. I know the trees and grasslands will recover… but what about the wildlife? Geri
    Geri recently posted..Zion Ghost Town of GraftonMy Profile

  5. Amazing how far one can see the smoke.
    Yogi recently posted..Graffiti Wednesday – Downtown FindsMy Profile

  6. Hello stranger….it’s good to be home:) I think Smoky the Bear says it best, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires.” I’d like to say smoking should be banned everywhere in this world….beyond designated buildings and cars. As a groundskeeper and driver here, I see cig butts all around the property….people just flick them from their car window carelessly. Who cares, right? They don’t want the butts in their car…….they should take a look at their lungs and realize they can’t get rid of the garbage there. Sad. Hope it gets all contained. I know it’s good to have a little fire here and there and they do make gorgeous sunset /sunrise shots but after the big fire in New Mexico…..I don’t want a repeat of that….air quality in Tucson was terrible. I had headaches for days from the smoke blowing into our area. Hope you are doing well:)

  7. fires truly catch our attention! such a beautiful land…. hard to see it on fire.
    Tammie recently posted..Mushrooms and Novica!My Profile

  8. Hope the fire gets contained soon. Awsome pictures.

  9. I have a feeling you are still going to see a lot of that with what seems to be a dry summer waiting for you. Very sad though, specially if it was’nt because of natural causes.

  10. Hoping it is by now a souvenir and nothing else…

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