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My solar filter arrived in time to take photographs of the Annular Solar Eclipse May 20th, 2012 at Grand Canyon National Park.

02 US Solar eclipse path

Path of annularity by Jay Anderson

We were almost in the middle of the path with 88-94% of the disk covered.  This type of eclipse hasn’t been visible in the United States since May 10th, 18 years ago.  I was working at Mount St. Helens in Washington state and wouldn’t have seen it then. The next one to be seen in this country won’t occur until Oct. 14, 2023.  Maybe by then I’ll have figured out how to use the camera.

03 Gaelyn with solar glasses by camera Annular solar eclipse NR GRCA NP AZ by Mike's iphone (765x1024)

After work and a hasty dinner Mike and I made it to the rim of Transept Canyon near employee housing.  We shared the area with only three other people.

04 Annular solar eclipse series (1024x576)

I took over 100 photos and it’s taken me days to process the best ones.  Plus I was determined to create a series of images.  And it worked!

05 Annular solar eclipse through welders filter NR GRCA NP AZ by Mike's iphone (765x1024)

Mike took some shots with his iphone through the solar glasses and this one through a welders filter.

06 Sunset over Transept Canyon Annular solar eclipse NR GRCA NP AZ (678x1024)

As the quality of light and shadow changed I wondered how people from thousands of years ago reacted to eclipses.

07 Sunset through trees NR GRCA NP AZ (678x1024)

Although I’d been in short sleeves all day sure glad I wore long sleeves that night and then wanted my fleece coat as the temperature noticeably dropped the closer it came to full annularity.

08 Partial eclipse with pine needles

About two hours after the partial eclipse began sunset arrived before the moon had entirely passed by the sun.  What a spectacular night!  And there’s still another solar display coming June 5th when Venus crosses in front of the sun.

SWF long badge

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  1. I would give you a standing applause if you could see me. Fantastic images. We didn’t get to see this. Lets hope we get a chance soon. Brilliant, well done.

  2. Wow, Gaelyn – SPECTACULAR! That new camera and all the new gadgets you are learning to use and well worth whatever you spent!
    Susie of Arabia recently posted..Restaurant SignMy Profile

  3. Gaelyn what can I say that has not already been said, I think these photos are more than spectacular. If you think you still have to learn how to use the camera, then what will they be like in 2023……… Sheer magic to me Diane
    Diane recently posted..Back in France – The Drive Part IMy Profile

  4. Good job Gaylen… Great images! I had to work, but got the perfect view from the porch at work!
    Geri recently posted..SHOE TREE ????My Profile

  5. Very cool photos, Gaelyn! The series photo is amazing.
    Janie of Utah recently posted..Toward Leidy PeakMy Profile

  6. Fantastic eclipse pictures, your series image is awesome!!
    Diane AZ recently posted..CrescentsMy Profile

  7. Great photographs, I really like how you put them together.

    We were outside the best area and the sun was too low in the horizon for us to see from the house by the time the eclipse ocurred. Bad planning. Unsure of how much we could see since we were so far out of the prime area.
    Yogi recently posted..Skywatch Friday – Something New Out on the PrairieMy Profile

  8. Your photos are sensational, the best I have seen. Wow!
    longdog2 recently posted..More New Braunfels TX Adventures – Landa ParkMy Profile

  9. Spectacular images, Gaelyn. Well-worth the filter cost. Congrats to you and Mike. Was it easy to find welder’s glass, No. 14, I found that’s best. Any suggestions where to find it?
    Bibi recently posted..A little sooner than we thought Part IIMy Profile

  10. Those are incredible shots! Well done, my friend.

  11. wonderful pics! thanks for sharing :)
    Tina´s PicStory recently posted..just one pic # 19 – blue featherMy Profile

  12. Awesome captures, Gaelyn!! You really outdid yourself with these! They are fantastic! It was raining here in Seattle, consequently we saw nothing but gray clouds, but your pics make up for that!!
    Sylvia Kirkwood recently posted..Sky Watch Friday!My Profile

  13. I can’t decide whether I like the series, or that last capture better…
    So glad the filter arrived in time!
    Judy recently posted..Skywatch FridayMy Profile

  14. You and the camera did good! I’m glad to see your shots because I missed it.
    Barb recently posted..Hiking in Zion National Park, UTMy Profile

  15. Wow,Wow, and WOW again!! absolutely great shots Gaelyn!!!
    We watched one about 40 years ago with a heap of scientists and students in an open meadow far from the city. The experience was primeval. The guys just concentrated on the sun while I became mostly aware of what was happening in my surroundings and how awesome such an event would have been to primitive people. As the light lessened, the birds headed for their roosting spots, those left behind or slow on the uptake flew with agitated calls as the light grew dim. There were half a dozen horses watching us over the fence, at the full eclipse, when darkness engulfs you like a curtain of death and the temperature drops, they all stampeded as one and the drumming of their receding hooves just added to the breathless eeriness of the moment.
    I felt so privileged to have experienced this wonder and know I will not live to see another.

    Remember me when you enjoy the next one.
    Arija recently posted..SkyWatch – Arkaroola SunriseMy Profile

  16. WHOA! Stunning captures. You have captured the event so well.
    Indrani recently posted..Leuven Town Hall, BelgiumMy Profile

  17. Wow – utterly gorgeous and magnificent!
    Lady Fi recently posted..Looking for rainbowsMy Profile

  18. Wow! You need to get that series photo published! It’s amazing.
    Diana recently posted..Downhill All the WayMy Profile

  19. Wow, incredible. My jaw dropped when I saw the series of eclipse photos scanning the sky. I would love to know how you did this… splicing together multiple images? Wonderful!!
    Peter B recently posted..Desert Skywatch!My Profile

  20. Gaelyn, these are amazing photos. So glad your filter arrived in time. Great captures of the eclipse. What a beautiful sight, thanks for sharing. Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!
    Eileen recently posted..SWF>>CuracaoMy Profile

  21. Wow you did a good job!! Excellent!


  22. Wow, wow, wow! Amazing shots indeed!
    lina@women recently posted..Sky Watch: Branches and Bright SkyMy Profile

  23. I love the series you put together. Really amazing!

  24. Awesome! It would have been great if I had some sort of filter while taking my pictures in Reno! It was still awesome to be able to watch and take pictures from my backyard!!
    Debbie’s Travels recently posted..SkyWatch Friday – Solar EclipseMy Profile

  25. I’m speechless! These are amazing captures and I am impressed with your discipline. Nicely done.

  26. Simply breath taking!! Never seen such beautiful shots of eclipse before, you should submit to National Geographic!

  27. Absolutely fantastic!

  28. Wow! My husband calls me star-gazer and I was so upset that I couldn’t see the ring of fire from where we are. Thank you for posting pictures – its breathtakingly beautiful!

  29. These are just wonderful; well done!! Stunning images.
    quietpaths recently posted..Dancing chokecherryMy Profile

  30. Great Photos !!!

  31. Fantastic!
    Thanks for taking the time to put together the composites…
    Thanks as well to Mike of using his phone… good to see you in action behind the Nikon…
    AJ recently posted..Gratitude Pic… or Five…My Profile

  32. This is some serious work here! I love your sequence shots. The detail and time put into this post must have taken you awhile. How did you do that shot with the moon in the various placements in the front of the sun??!!!! Really nice! And that’s a great way to end it? What did the ancient ones think of an eclipse? Some knew that it would come and others reacted to it with ritual sacrifice etc. Wonderful stuff and thanks for sharing your detailed work.

  33. WOW! Your pictures a impressive! We also tried taking a picture through the glasses, but it didn’t work.
    Katie recently posted..A Great Vacation!My Profile

  34. Such beautiful photos! Thank you for allowing me to see the annual eclipse. Atlanta is too far east and we couldn’t see it at all but through your gorgeous photos I felt almost as if I was there.
    (Ms.) Ernie recently posted..You Don’t Know Until You TryMy Profile

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