May 012012

I’ll be hiking the Grand Canyon in spirit because my body just won’t let me.  I was recently diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis in my left shoulder so no carrying a backpack.  I bought a big fanny pack for work to give my shoulder a rest.  How many decades have I been carrying a too-heavy purse and day pack thrown casually over that left shoulder.  Dam, I just hate when these things bite me in the butt, or shoulder in this case.  And then being sick for almost two weeks made me all weak and wobbly.

01e Rangers ready to hike GRCA (1024x678)

So I decided hiking rim-to-rim across Grand Canyon might put me at risk and didn’t join the rest of the staff.  It would be really embarrassing for a Ranger to be air lifted out of the canyon.

02e Gaelyn S Kaibab trail GRCA NP AZ (800x600)_01

Hey, it’s not like I haven’t hiked it before.

03e NR Community library GRCA (1024x678)

So instead I’ve been organizing the library which became kind of a mess after someone left behind piles of books and magazines.

04e Yurt on NR GRCA (1024x678)

And cleaning the inside of the yurt which you can get a permit to stay in during the winter after hiking across the canyon or skiing in from Jacob Lake to the North Rim.

05e Inside yurt on NR GRCA (1024x678)

It would be a cozy place to stay with the wood stove burning and snow all around.  But now it will be closed for the summer.  And on May 15th the North Rim will open.

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  1. I’m glad you are not hiking, so that you can give your body a rest. I sure would hate to see you airlifted in a helicopter!
    Fabgrandma recently posted..I Have A Brand New Gig!My Profile

  2. Sorry about your tendonitis. Is that frozen shoulder? If so, have had it once in each shoulder. Hurts! And I love the yurt.
    Bibi, Serbia recently posted..ABC WEDNESDAY – "P" is for "packaging"My Profile

  3. With a big pack like that on your back I would think you would come down with ‘Turtle Syndrome.’ That’s where the weight of that pack would pull you over backwards with arms & legs up in the air & you wouldn’t be able to get up. Just like a turtle on it’s back……….
    Bayfield Bunch recently posted..NEEDLE TECHNOLOGY HAS SURE IMPROVED:))My Profile

  4. Pitty you missed the hike. But like you said, its not like you haven’t done it before. Still, it would have been nice to do it again I’m sure. Two weeks and counting…
    Firefly recently posted..South African Navy MuseumMy Profile

  5. Tendinitis sounds painful, I’m glad you’re giving it a chance to heal. The yurt looks interesting, I was surprised to see the lattice work inside.
    Diane AZ recently posted..SunshineMy Profile

  6. What a bummer missing out on the hike but I think you are wise otherwise you run the risk of not only getting airlifted out but missing out on future hikes as well. I’ve learned from running, that running through the pain doesn’t work.
    Yogi recently posted..Graffiti Wednesday – New Orleans Train GraffitiMy Profile

  7. I know that must have been frustrating not being able to go on the hike but just look at it as investing in the health of future hikes. Heal quickly and take care. I love the cute little Yurt.
    quietpaths recently posted..I love CactiMy Profile

  8. Wow! The size of that pack…no wonder your shoulder hurts!

    Take care of you.

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