Apr 252012

01e Atlantic Ocean M6 N Cape Peninsula ZA (1024x768)

It’s a long ways down to the crashing waves.  But if you like scenic ocean views with sudden drop offs then Chapman’s Peak Drive along the Western Cape of South Africa is a must.

02e Sailboats & Noordhoek Beach M6 S Cape Peninsula ZA (1024x768)

I thrive on curvy mountain roads so thoroughly enjoyed the 114 curves in 5.6mi/9km from Noordhoek…

03e Hout Bay M6 Cape Peninsula ZA pano (1024x469)

…north past Hout Bay.

04e M6 N Cape Peninsula ZA (1024x768)

I saw many bicycles along this narrow shoulderless roadway.  The riders may have been practicing for the annual Cape Argus Cycle Race held in March.

05e M6 S Cape Peninsula ZA (1024x831)

Around 1910, Sir Nicolas Fredrick de Waal, first administrator of the Cape Province, called for a road to connect Noordhoek and Hout Bay.  Between 1915 and 1922 convict labor carved the road out of soft sediments while the road base sits on solid granite.

06e M6 S Cape Peninsula ZA (1024x768)

Frequent rockfalls, mudslides and washouts later required building protective canopies and fences in some areas thus in 2003 this became a toll road certainly worth the 31.00 Rand tariff (4 USD).  Yet because Chapman’s Peak Drive is part of the Cape Peninsula National Park if you have a Wild Card, good for entry into national parks, the tariff is only 24.00 Rand (3 USD).

07e Atlantic Ocean M6 Chapman Peak Dr N Cape Peninsula ZA (1024x768)

Cheaper than any amusement park thrill ride.  So I drove it both ways.

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  1. Beautiful ocean views. Looks like a trip with the car windows down all the way:) I would love to visit this country down the road;) Living on Lake Michigan, I did a similiar drive often up and down the beaches and there’s nothing like the fresh air against the skin…..and the brrezes! Hope you had a good day!

  2. You took a few more pictures than I did when I was there last plus I also posted about it this week – http://fireflyafrica.blogspot.com/2012/04/chapmans-peak-drive.html
    Firefly recently posted..The blue fishing boatMy Profile

  3. I have ridden the Cape Argus cycle ride many times, I enjoyed this reminder of the struggle to the top in-between thousands of other cyclists with a strong wind blowing!!! Other than my first ride which was horrible, I admit to enjoying every other ride I did. The crowds and the comraderie is amazing. Diane
    Diane recently posted..Meeting a Blogger and a RepasMy Profile

  4. Love the 3rd photo. Just breathtaking. That biker tunnel looks a little scary. I’d be worried it would fall on me.
    Janie of Utah recently posted..Old Man’s SpringMy Profile

  5. My gosh! What a neat place to get to visit!
    Marie recently posted..Iron Fences!My Profile

  6. Good to see the old, old hometown again!

    Thank for reminding me of some fantastic times…

    PS – It’s some ride on a bike!
    AJ recently posted..Hello…My Profile

  7. So beautiful! I truthfully don’t know much about South Africa (other than the politics). Your pictures make me want to know more.
    Just Jane recently posted..Wait…You Found Me How?! April 2012 EditionMy Profile

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