Dr trip to Kanab Utah

 Posted by on April 24, 2012  Utah
Apr 242012

01 GRSE NM from SR89A N AZ (1024x568)

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

After all the BS truck problems from last week seems it’s now my turn.  So today I rode to the nearest clinic in Kanab, Utah with the FabGrandma and Grandpa.

02 GRSE NM from SR89A N AZ (1024x678)

It really is a beautiful ride.  Well, except maybe for the oiling of State Route 67 on our way off the Kaibab Plateau.

03 GRSE NM from SR89A N AZ (1024x530)

Diagnosis:  Intestinal bug.  So four days of mega antibiotics should do the trick along with lots of yogurt and some rest.  What a great way to start off the work season.

04 Stormy sky SR89A S Fredonia AZ (1024x523)

The drive back provided an interesting sky show but only a little rain.  Oh how we need more rain.

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  1. I had a nice comment going and then blip it was gone. So I said get well in some different words and that you could have our rain for awhile. We are soggy and squishy. # days of nice warm sunshine and now back to weeks of rain. hohum!!! MB
    MaryBeth recently posted..Valley BarnMy Profile

  2. I was sick as a dog my first week of work here! I had some unused antibiotics from my dentist and Chuck had cough pills left over from his bout last winter… so the old prescriptions along with Emergen-C vitamin C, I recoved in about 4 days compared to the 2 weeks other workers here were suffering! ahhhh…. Spring! Sure hope you are feeling better ASAP! That ride down the mountain to Kanab is a beautiful ride for sure!!!
    Geri recently posted..Oh No! SNOW!My Profile

  3. It’s a long way to go to find medical treatment, at least it’s a scenic drive. Hope you’re better soon, you’re right, not the best way to start the season.
    Martha Z recently posted..Pelagic Cormorants and MoreMy Profile

  4. It was Kanab’s Crazy Horse RV Park we stayed at for a couple days back in 07. Nice to see those big country photos…………
    Bayfield Bunch recently posted..A COLD WINDY DAY KEEPS US HOUSEBOUNDMy Profile

  5. I hope the meds do the trick.

    Spectacular photos!!
    Yogi recently posted..Ready Set Run 2012My Profile

  6. Hope your Doctor’s visit was okay. Beautiful drive…..rain is coming and we certainly need it around here. Hopefully you all had some nice conversation while driving to the doc:) Beautiful area to drive:)

  7. Well, every cloud has a silver lining and you got some great photos.
    Bibi, Serbia recently posted..ABC WEDNESDAY "O" is for "Only myself"My Profile

  8. The landscapes in your part of the world is amazing. I hope you are starting to feel better.
    Firefly recently posted..Chapmans Peak Caravan FarmMy Profile

  9. The view is so amazing with the layers of colors! Feel better!
    Ebie recently posted..Mural: Peach HarvestersMy Profile

  10. The colors in the distant staircase are amazing. Get well soon. Eat your yogurt.
    Sallie (FullTime-Life) recently posted..ANONYMOUS BIRDS?My Profile

  11. Sorry about the bug, hope you soon feel well again. Those views are amazing, almost, just almost, worth being sick for :) Diane
    Diane recently posted..Meeting a Blogger and a RepasMy Profile

  12. Sure hope you feel better soon…but thanks for the beautiful drive!!
    Lynda recently posted..Bodega Bay is for "The Birds"!My Profile

  13. Beautiful vistas! We need rain here, too. I was hoping we’d get some today, but it’s not looking promising.
    Janie of Utah recently posted..Old Man’s SpringMy Profile

  14. I love your photos. Mine are so ugly in comparison. Great camera!
    Fabgrandma recently posted..I’ve Been Visited By The Fairy Hobmother!My Profile

  15. Oh, no! I usually get those kinds of bugs from the kiddos at school…no fun. Get well soon!
    Cheryl Ann recently posted..Beauty in mud~Sunday Stills Challenge~042912My Profile

  16. Seriously gorgeous views.

    I’m glad you got yourself checked out and I know you’re feeling better. In addition to yogurt, Good Belly probiotics are a wonderful help.
    Just Jane recently posted..And the Clueless Award Goes to…My Profile

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