One more night in Flagstaff

 Posted by on April 19, 2012  Arizona
Apr 192012

01a Fab Grandpa and Grandma at Mizz Zips Flagstaff AZ (1024x678)

Ford had my truck done by 9:30 Wednesday so after breakfast at Miz Zip’s with FabGrandma and Grandpa I picked it up to the tune of way-too-many-hundreds-$.  Fueled up, back to KOA to hook up the 5th-wheel and roll to Lee’s Ferry.  So good so far except for the dent in my pocketbook.

02a Sidemirror vew of Mt Humphreys SR89 N AZ (768x1024)

12:30 and I’m happily climbing north past Mt Humphreys and she’s running good.  But as soon as I drop over the pass the engine begins to miss a bit.  If it was a gas engine I’d think a spark plug was bad.  And every time it hiccups a puff of black smoke shoots out the tail pipe.  This just doesn’t seem right so I pull over and call Ford.  Bring it back in.

03a Mt Humphreys SR89 S AZ (1024x768)

Great, now I’m towing my 34 foot house and have to find a place further up the road to turn this around.  Have I mentioned I don’t back up well?  I head back over the pass.

4a Babbitt Ford Flagstaff AZ (1024x678)

Bill from Ford said I could drop the trailer at their large body parts parking lot and then bring the truck in to service.  Instead I decided another night in Flagstaff would be the best idea instead of driving out close to dark so I returned to KOA and was back at Ford by 3pm.  Another EGR thing for only a few more hundreds and by 5 I was back home.

The cold has passed and so hopefully has the delay.

Think I can make it to the North Rim?

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  1. I think you can, I think you can, I know you can.
    Yogi recently posted..New Orleans Navy WeekMy Profile

  2. Oy. This was a problem that was brought to light by the climb?
    The Good Luck Duck recently posted..Who is cuter?My Profile

  3. Boy Howdy–diesel repairs are just NO fun. and spendy too. I predict that this will be the end of repairs and smooth sailing from now on.

    We will be heading for Chandler Arizona in October—hopefully we can find you somewhere along the line. We are going to see the statues in Yarnell so maybe you will be there. Let me know–OK???
    MaryBeth recently posted..Skagit Valley Tulips on a dark and windy day.My Profile

  4. Have been following your latest. I stayed in that KOA a year ago, but under better circumstances. Hoping it all works out, getting a hit like that to the pocketbook sure is hard.
    Chinle recently posted..What Would You Do?My Profile

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hope you see a money tree growing somewhere near the Canyon!
    Barb recently posted..Greeting Spring in COMy Profile

  6. Why is it when machinery goes wrong the pocket empties plus!! Hope all OK now for you. Diane
    Diane recently posted..Pranzac Wine and Cheese FairMy Profile

  7. I have no doubts that you’ll make it. I hate car troubles…
    Bibi, Serbia recently posted..More colorful laundry…My Profile

  8. Lovely pics!
    Andi recently posted..My Wedding & Honeymoon: Day 22-23My Profile

  9. I believe!!!! You’ll make it. I think my favorite part of the day would have been a happy breakfast with your friends. As for backing up, I’m pretty terrible at it as well. That is definitely stress!!! :)

  10. I am not as brave as you are. I hope Ford will be able to fix the problem.
    Ebie recently posted..Friday Fences: The Bike Path 2My Profile

  11. Absolute frustration, I bet. I would be screaming at the top of my lungs if I was you.
    Firefly recently posted..Slangkop LighthouseMy Profile

  12. Reading back through your posts I can see you’ve had the trip from hell. At least you are now settled in at the Canyon. I hope that the rest of the season will be uneventful.
    Martha Z recently posted..San Luis ReservoirMy Profile

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