Apr 012012

Ever take a look at your blog statistics and seen some of the unusual things people have searched for and come to your site?  Go ahead, take a look, it’s fun.

I’ve seen funnier lines in the past, but for March the most unusual searches were:  

“joshua tree slot canyon ladder” I have visited Joshua Tree National Park in California. Also hiked a slot canyon or two, in Arizona. No ladders for me at either, and there were a few places I could have used one.

“how long does it take for a dove egg to hatch?”  When I first met Mike over two years ago he had two pet doves.  One of them kept laying infertile eggs.  They’re kind of small for omelets.

“janie snow Vicksburg”  Although I did spend some time selling at a flea market in Vicksburg, Arizona during the winter, thank goodness it never snowed.  Anybody know a Janie Snow?




March most viewed from searches:

The fourth most searched and landed on post for this month makes me wonder a bit.  Panning for gold, in the kitchen? has been bringing people in since February 2010.  I guess we’re all hoping for a “get rich quick” idea.  But really.

When I started blogging in October 2008 I joined the My World Tuesday meme and for weeks wrote a series about The Gypsy life of a seasonal Park Ranger at Grand Canyon National Park.  Considering it’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and that I have the best job in the world this third most searched comes as no surprise.

Without much thought I posted Thrifty Thursday-It’s Victoria’s secret in February and it went viral within two days.  I post frequently about purchases made at thrift stores and yard sales with minimum attention.  But this one is still drawing them in at number two for March.

Working with Wildlife continues to be the number one viewed post. Why not, doesn’t everybody like animals.  But along with that the most searched image is also from that post, a ringtail cat.  Isn’t it cute?

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  1. I have just added to your most viewed post :) I loved it when I worked for the wild life research officer in what was then Rhodesia, happy days. Diane
    Diane recently posted..Recipe : Salmon MousseMy Profile

  2. What an interesting post….I’m going to check my stats now. And I love the little ‘kitty’.
    Bibi, Serbia recently posted..THEME DAY–cobblestonesMy Profile

  3. I just followed your direction. I do that sorta stuff. LOL MB

  4. Ha! I bloody love checking these things too. Always makes for entertaining reading. Mine always revolve around weird sexual things though. Maybe that’s because of my site? I’m not sure! I like to think I’m pretty “above board”.

  5. HA! I love that your Thrifty Thursday post went viral! :) In fairness, that was a beautiful thrifty find. I can see why it brought all the boys and girls to your “yard”.
    Just Jane recently posted..The "Wait…You Found Me How?" Link Up Take TwoMy Profile

  6. Love that last shot!! Stats crack me up. I am always fascinated by what people search for….My big ones are the Wall(on keeping Meth people out of your garden), Year of the Solar System(which spun off its own blog), and The Gorilla(about the undiscovered population of Gorillas in Africa). During this time of year, it’s all about the garden and plants in the Tucson landscape. The funny ones are Redington pass and hiking nude. You should see what pops up in those searches:) It’s rather spicy so let me just say I have a good laugh. It evokes a lot of emotions from everyone….conservative to liberal. But there is no denying that it is a beautiful hike along a creek. This is a fun post:)

  7. Gaelyn, wow, I have been away far too long! why the new blog? It looks good though. I’m glad I don’t have to use word verification!
    Kathiesbirds recently posted..March Birding Highlights and StatsMy Profile

  8. So, how long does is take a dove egg to hatch?

  9. Fun post and have fun further panning!!!

  10. I haven’t looked at my stats for ages. The Firefly Photo Files does get some interesting searches and hits.
    Firefly recently posted..SlangkopMy Profile

  11. Most of the searches to my sites involve missions. I figure it is school children with a paper to write.
    Martha Z recently posted..Año Nuevo State ParkMy Profile

  12. i get really strange ones. i think the best was “laws about sending nude post cards”
    mina recently posted..sahara sunriseMy Profile

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