Mar 292012

01 Moon & Venus Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

Even though the photo shows the moon and Venus I can also see Jupiter, but the camera can’t.  The above shot taken with my old Fuji Finepix S1500 12x zoomed.

02 Moon & Venus Yarnell AZ (1024x702)

This shot taken with my new camera, max zoom.

03 Nikon D5100 Yarnell AZ (1024x768)

Here’s what I bought, Nikon D5100 with an 18-55mm lens.  Now I want the 55-200mm.  It never ends.

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  14 Responses to “The Moon and Venus, old camera and new”

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  1. I am so jealous about your new camera. Now if one would only fall off the back of a truck in front of me…
    Firefly recently posted..Rain drops hanging aroundMy Profile

  2. I wish I had a camera like that. Mine cane barely see the moon!!! Diane
    Diane recently posted..Another Interesting Walk – St AdjutoryMy Profile

  3. Good choice, I am a Nikon person. Congratulations!

    I just got a 60mm macro, and still working on it!
    Ebie recently posted..Wind TurbinesMy Profile

  4. Well, that does it. I somehow will eventually get down to you and bring my lenses…all of them. I’m a Nikon person, too. And the top photo is the better one so far, but you can get good ones with your new baby; just need practice.
    Bibi, Serbia recently posted..Just walking…My Profile

  5. Congrats, beautiful camera! And you’re right, it never ends! Just ordered a new camera body yesterday on Amazon.
    Peter recently posted..Spalted MapleMy Profile

  6. Gaelyn, congrats on your new camera. Great shot of Jupiter and the sky is a beautiful blue in the second capture. I hope you enjoy using your new camera. Happy Skywatching!
    Eileen recently posted..SWF>>>Backyard sunsetMy Profile

  7. hehe….you’re right. It never does end, does it? I love my lenses, but there always seems to be a new one just waiting to be purchased:) Love your shots of the night sky. These are some of the trickiest to capture on camera:) So…..have you gotten a harvest moon over the Grand Canyon? We were there on the South Rim this past October? and saw the moon rise over the Canyon….it took my breathe away. Absolutely amazing. I love forward to your pictures at the canyon. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

  8. I would love to have that old camera. Do you want to sell it?
    Karen recently posted..A Rose By Any Other Name…My Profile

  9. You may want to consider the 18-200 lens. Then you wouldn’t have to change lenses.

  10. Great camera! You will enjoy every moment out of it I am sure. A camera whatever it is is a never ending experience.

  11. I’m sooooo envious!! I have to wait a month more before I can get my Nikon!! Enjoy your camera… I’ll enjoy following your new blog and being able to post comments!
    The new link will go up on my blog roll post hast!! ;-)
    AJ recently posted..Dublin 360 – The HillsMy Profile

  12. now that’s a GREAT camera!
    i’m so envious, too. congrats pn your new camera and i hope that you enjoy every moment with your new toy.

    big hugs.
    Betty Manousos recently posted..But Hurry! + Have a Blissful WeekendMy Profile

  13. Nope. It never ends. But in a good way :).
    Just Jane recently posted..Confronting BiasesMy Profile

  14. Nice! I started renting the lenses that I was interested in. It really helped me save money by convincing me NOT buy a few lenses that I thought would like.

    I’ve rented from Would love to rent the an 800mm super telephoto for a few days… But yikes, the price!

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