Sunset in Hermanus South Africa

Sunset from Anchor's Rest B&B Hermanus Western Cape South Africa

After a full day of celebrating my birthday I returned to Anchor’s Rest B&B just before sunset in Hermanus.

Sunset over coastal trail Hermanus Western Cape South Africa

My host had told me about a coast trail I could easily access a block away.

Bench where sunset pics were taken Walker Bay Hermanus Western Cape South Africa

I found a bench overlooking the bay.

Moon & sunset Walker Bay Hermanus Western Cape South Africa

It was wonderful to just sit quietly and reflect on my journey so far. Here I was, sitting in South Africa, a dream come true.

Sunset Walker Bay Hermanus Western Cape South Africa

The following day I would drive to the Cape of Good Hope.


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  1. Lovely photos of your time there. The trip was well worth it as you are having so much fun reliving it. How special that you celebrated your birthday there!

  2. You have accumulated so many extraordinary memories that they will be lasting even beyond lifetimes.

    Love your adventures Gaelyn.

  3. Looks like the perfect spot to sit and think, Gaelyn! You got some magical photos of South Africa! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mike.

  4. If I had a bench like that accross the road from me I would probably be there for sunset most days. I imagine that sunrise from there would be great as well. What a lovely way to finish your birthday.