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01 Caravan Park Kingsburgh KwaZulu-Natal ZA (1024x768)

From Monks Cowl camp Joan took me to Escort to pick up my rental car, a VW Citi Gulf. It was now time to say goodbye to Joan as she returned to work and I continued adventuring on my own. Along with good map reading and navigating skills. Plus, I did get to practice driving on the left side of the road in Kruger. Not too difficult. Just stay between the lines, follow the car in front of you and think real hard about turns.

02 Indian Ocean R61 W KwaZulu-Natal ZA (1024x488)

After getting lost, and helped, twice, thus happily bypassing Durban, I made it to the coast. Tried to sleep in the back seat at a caravan park near Kingsburgh. Didn’t work. At least not the sleeping part. Should have bought a small cheap tent. Next time.

03 N2 W KwaZulu-Natal ZA (1024x534)

In the early morning I headed confidently down the coast, basically westward along N2.

04 R61 N Eastern Cape ZA (1024x768)

Somehow I missed a turn and found myself on an alternate route, R61, north of Port Edward. But the map showed I end up meeting back up with N2 inland near Kokstad.

05 R61 N Eastern Cape ZA (1024x540)

Good deal. And beautiful scenery on a two lane tarred road instead of the faster National expressway.

06 N2 W Eastern Cape ZA (1024x469)

Which I eventually turned back onto continuing west through the rolling green hills of the Eastern Cape. I figured on a long day of driving to get to Gonubie where I would try to stay with a CouchSurfer host.

07 N2 W Mount Frere Eastern Cape ZA (1024x768)

Mount Frere

Yet, all plans don’t go as expected, or something like that. I was in a little car wreck. And after driving lots of miles ended up with a different rental car, a Yaris, also not meant to sleep in.

08 Courtyard at TeTeMuka B&B Lodge Kokstad KwaZulu-Natal ZA (1024x768)

However, all this introduced me to staying at B&Bs, of which there are Many reasonably priced choices in South Africa. The first as I backtracked through Kokstad at the TeTemuka where I felt like family complete with pets.

09 N2 W Eastern Cape ZA (1024x768)

Finally resettled into my journey, I continued west, back past the accident place, and beyond through the Eastern Cape to experience more South Africa adventures.

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  1. Sweet!!
    One never gets lost
    Or has accidents
    Just adventures. LOL MB

  2. Cocoa sounds good. MB

  3. Grerat post ans more memories for me. I know the dial up problem, I had it for the first 3 years in France!!!!!! Hope you are warmer than we are:) Diane

  4. You make getting lost and found in a foreign country sound like fun, Gaelyn. Most certainly, a grand adventure! Don't worry about posting comments – it's Christmas – we know you're there! XO

  5. Love the lifestyle and the photos.

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