Death Valley National Park Mesquite Sand Dunes

Mesquite Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park CaliforniaAfter exploring Scotty’s Castle, Ubehebe Crater and some of Titus Canyon on our third day at Death Valley National Park we stopped at the Mesquite Sand Dunes on the way back to camp.
Mesquite Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park CaliforniaThe sand is a product of erosion from the Cottonwood Mountains to the west and northwest and is made up of light colored grains of quartz and dark grains of magnetite.
Mesquite Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park CaliforniaThe evenly spaced ripples forming perpendicular to the wind are made up of the larger grains that fall behind.
Animal tracks Mesquite Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park CaliforniaI don’t know who’s who. Do you?
There is evidence of creatures that venture onto the sand like the sidewinder rattlesnake, desert kangaroo rat, kit fox, lizards and beetles.
Animal tracks Mesquite Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park California
Mesquite Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park CaliforniaThe day waned.

taken by Jeremy
This was Jeremy and my last night camping in Death Valley and we were rewarded by a full moon. The next day he started his long journey back to the Chicago area and I headed back to my winter home in Yarnell, Arizona

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  1. Wow, the differences in the sand is amazing. I really liked how you captured the various tracks in the sand. What a find!

  2. I like the perspective of the 3rd shot, the animal tracts are cool and the moon image looks peaceful. You sure did a lot of exploring at Death Valley, great post!

  3. I have a few spare minutes to check out some sites. I've missed a lot, you've been busy. Great shots of Titus Canyon, I think Jules and I hiked it several years ago, I remember the wonderful rocks. I like the trails in the dunes, one needs to be quick before the tourists wipe them out.
    I didn't know cardinals made it to Arizona, we don't have any in Califronia.

  4. Those tracks should be interesting. I used to have a book about tracks in the desert but that was when I was about 17 years old and lord knows I have not seen it in years. Do you know what those tracks belong to?

  5. Marvelous post as always, Gaelyn! I love the prints in the sand, wonder who, what and where! Fascinating! Looks to have been a fun trip!



  6. The look of the sand is terrific, with the dark and light pattern. I like how the creatures leave their trail in the sand too.
    Its great to the see this wonderful plac.. thanks Gaelyn, Keep warm!

  7. Sand dunes are one of my most favorite things…i could play forever in them. I really like the third picture down. I need to get down to Death Valley one of these days!

  8. Gaelyn, wonderful photos! I love the shadows on the dunes and the animal tracks in the sand! I hope you stay warm wherever you are! It's been cold and gray down here all day but so far no rain and we need some! Stay safe.

  9. A stunning and facinating post! I loved the pics with the traces of wildlife and that last one of the full moon is amazing!

  10. Very interesting what the sand is made up of and how the heavier sand gets left behind a bit.
    The evening sky in these wide open areas are just… heavenly

  11. Interesting patterns in the sand, Gaelyn – what an inspiring pic for a painting!The sand dunes are made up of the grains of quartz and magnetite – do people sometimes take a handful home? (when they know what the "sand" consists of)?

  12. What an interesting outing – and great pics, especially the tracks! The terrain looks a lot like Saudi Arabia – except not quite as much vegetation!

  13. Outstanding, Gaelyn. I've never seen actual DUNES like that but hope to one day. The tracks in the dunes – amazing. Fascinating. Rockin.'