Foto Friday Fun 83

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Oct 312014

This week’s Foto Friday Fun features 6 images chosen by readers from my photo archives.  Our meme number for this week is 1031, Happy Halloween.  Please join in by digging into your archives and sharing a story.  And check out the other posts linked to the Foto Friday Fun meme.

Skeleton on bike at residence North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaElaine chose #1031 for Halloween.  So I chose this decoration a very creative North Rim employee set up in his front yard.  OK, so it’s not #1031, I cheated (learned that from Yogi), but it’s my blog.

Lion Kruger National Park South AfricaDiane chose #4441.  This big boy was still catching his breath after mating which I caught on video in Kruger National Park, South Africa.  What a thrill to watch not just once, but three times. Gemsbok with deformed horn Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park South AfricaYogi had random dot org choose #8993, “home of true random numbers it says.”  But he and I know sometimes they aren’t so true and right.  Sort of like this Gemsbok with a deformed horn seen in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. Morning light on temples from Lodge North Rim Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Morning light on temples from Lodge North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaJonker randomly chose #7634.  I know he likes to see photos of Grand Canyon and he gets a twofer because his number was one of a series in a panorama so I give you it all as morning light slowly brightens the canyon walls and temples.

Meerkats Mountain Zebra National Park South AfricaArija chose the random #8476.  These Meerkats at Mountain Zebra National Park in South Africa seemed as interested in us as we them.

Ranger Gaelyn & morning light over canyon from Lodge North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaSallie chose #532, “cuz that’s what the clock here by the computer says at this exact moment.”  That sounds like living in the moment, which is what I try to do.  This capture in time occurred in October 2011.  Think it was cold?

Aspen leaves in pine Kaibab National Forest ArizonaMy choice this week from two days before leaving the North Rim.  I went for a drive through the forest to Marble View.  The young pines beneath the aspen looked decorated with the fallen leaves.

Please share your own #1031 photo and story by adding your link below and linking back to Foto Friday Fun 83.  You can also leave a number between 6811 and 9990 in a comment for next week’s Foto Friday Fun.  NOTE the number change above as I’ll be in Oregon and won’t have access to all my photo files.

First commenter will chose next week’s photo index number.

Do you have a favorite from this week?

Capturing the present for future memories of the past

Oct 302014

I knew the partial solar eclipse was coming but had plans to go to town so took the camera, solar filter, and solar glasses along to watch and photograph.

Partial solar eclipse over Grand CanyonThen, because I like to play with the images, I put the eclipse over Grand Canyon.  It’s certainly not the best attempt but then I know nothing about PhotoShop which I finally made this work in.  Part of a learning process.

To view skies from around the world, or share your own, visit Sky Watch Friday.

And we’re off to Oregon

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Oct 292014

Gaelyn's shadow & RV Yarnell ArizonaBack in Yarnell for a week then off to Oregon for a week.  But first an hour drive to Prescott, 2 hour shuttle to PHX (Phoenix airport), and a 2 1/2 hour flight landing 4:30p local time.  How long does it take you to get to the airport?

I really did want to take an extended road trip to Oregon and Washington, plus what I could see in Nevada on the way north, and a slow haul south along the coast.  But, sometimes travel really is about the money.  Bills still have to be paid at home.  For me the added expense would be first the purchase of a cab-over camper, which I’m still looking for.  Then there’s fuel costs, which I’ve seen dropping in Arizona with diesel under $4 and gas almost under 3/gallon.  Not complaining but am surprised and wondering why.  Maybe I should google that.  So here’s the answer from GasBuddy.

I could take 1 1/2 months but…

02 12lerw OR coast g-2 (1024x689)-2This will be a busy and rather whirl wind trip.  Friday we’ll zoom down on I5 from Portland then west just south of Roseburg to Bandon.  2 1/2 days in Bandon where Berta once lived will give us a chance to walk the beach and listen to the crashing waves, hopefully without gale force winds added to the predicted rain.  Hope to take at least 2 days driving north on the coast to the Columbia River divide between Washington and Oregon.  Not nearly long enough to stop at the multitude of beaches, lighthouses and quaint coastal towns.  In fact looking for photos of the Oregon coast I realize it’s been Way too long (this shot from 2007).  Then 2 days to visit friends, and family for Berta, in the area before we fly back to Phoenix.

Although I know we’ll have a great time, this is not my usual way to travel.

Will try to post an update.  You might consider following Geogypsy on Facebook for more current status.