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Sunset & last light on temples from Lodge North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaJust before the sun disappears last rays shine on the Deva, Brahma and Zoroaster temples.  Clouds mimic the golden glow.

Sunset over South Rim, San Francisco Peaks & Red Butte from Lodge North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaOn closer inspection soft clouds blanket the San Francisco Peaks.  Canyon walls replicate the colors.

Does the cloud colors copy the canyon or does the canyon colors copy the clouds?

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Packing it in at the North Rim

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Oct 202014

RV at North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaThat’s it, I’m packing it in at the North Rim and today I roll the 5th-wheel off the Kaibab Plateau.  There’s always a certain amount of packing and tossing things out after sitting in one place for almost six months.  I really tried not to collect this summer, at least not big items.

RV basement North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaSo why is the basement so full?  Oh yea, it’s empty boxes to pack things in.  Besides it’s just as against the rules to throw away a techie box as to tear the tag off your mattress.  Bet you didn’t know my RV has a basement, well unless you do know.

Stuff to pack North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaYet it really only takes a couple hours to pack.  I mean, I’m still living in the RV so daily used items can’t really be put away until just before the slides come in and I hook up to go.  I’ll take three leisurely days from my last day of work.  Then drive as far as Flagstaff for a night before completing the move back to Yarnell.  Don’t like to tow the 370 miles in just one day which puts me in late.  Much easier to set up in daylight.

Packing list for RV North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaI’m a list maker partially OCD, ageing memory, and just plain don’t want to forget anything.  It’s not fun when a gallon of milk jumps off the shelf onto the floor because the refrigerator door wasn’t latched.  Or in my case duct taped shut in many directions because it’s a household fridge without a cool gadget to latch it shut like the RV versions.

No skid North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaReally only two small boxes of ‘stuff’, plus PC, put strips of no-skid between the dishes, stuff glasses in old (clean) socks Winking smile, and a little rearranging of the furniture.

Leaves & pine needles on slide North Rim Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

View from the RV roof North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaSweeping pine needles off the top of the slides is also a good time to see how the roof looks and enjoy the up high view.  Plus remove the Wilson booster antennae which didn’t help my phone or internet signal a bit.

Little freezer under 5th-wheel North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaHardest thing to do is round up a few Rangers to help me load the little freezer in the back of the truck.  Been eating it down the last couple of weeks so it will fit in the inside freezer.

Last thing unhook sewer pipe which stays behind for next year, water hose and electric.  Trust me you don’t want to see a photo of that.

RV at North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaI could put off packing forever, especially in a setting like this.  But it’s time to move on.

So what’s up for my winter?  Other than a quick trip to the Pacific Northwest at the end of the month, I don’t know.  But I’m open to possibilities.

Foto Friday Fun 81

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Oct 172014

This week’s Foto Friday Fun features 7 images chosen by readers from my photo archives.  Our meme number for this week is 6661.  Please join in by digging into your archives and sharing a story.  And check out the other posts linked to the Foto Friday Fun meme.

Old car Western Legends Round Up Kanab UtahDiane chose #6661, which will be next week’s number, and she likes old cars.  I don’t know what this is but maybe she does.  Taken this past August at the Western Legends Round Up in Kanab Utah, complete with cowboy.  I just happened into town that Saturday having completely forgotten about this annual festival.

Crane Lake State Route 67 Kaibab National Forest Arizona

Crane Lake Interpretive sign State Route 67 Kaibab National Forest ArizonaYogi chose #2108 and gets a different lake from his last week picture on the Kaibab National Forest.  Crane Lake has a convenient pullover with an interpretive sign.

Sea of Cortez from road to Porto Cito Baja MexicoBibi chose #46, “the number of years ago I studied in Aix-en-Provence, France.”.  In 2005 I ‘studied’ relaxology along the Sea of Cortez for a month mostly around San Felipe but also took a road trip to Porto Cito on the Baja Mexico.  I traveled with my dear friend Darlene, who I will soon be visiting in the Pacific Northwest.  With winter coming on I would love to be here soaking up the sun once again.

Deer along Rainbow Rim trail to Parissawampitts Point Kaibab National Forest ArizonaSherry chose #8199.  I know she’ll identify with my difficulty capturing these deer that startled me as I began to walk on the Rainbow Rim trail.  They took off in a hurry and my camera settings were not set for being so close.

Fall aspen along SR67 North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaSallie chose #9989, because I’m almost last.  Almost always.”  I’m sure glad I got out several times to shoot the aspen turning colors because now they are almost gone.

Snow outside RV window North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaElaine chose #1145 and this white stuff should look familiar as she’s already looking at much more of it through the windows of her Alaskan home.  This shot was taken in May this year from my RV window just before staff left for lower elevation with warmer temperatures for a campout at Toroweap.

Three Rondavels Mpumalanga South AfricaJonker chose #764, “thanks to closing my eyes and pushing number buttons.” Sure wouldn’t want to close your eyes when visiting the Three Rondavels in the Blyde River Canyon area of South Africa. The shape of these rock monoliths resembles traditional African style houses.

Fall aspen and Brady Peak from Ken Patrick trail North Rim Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaMy choice this week may be almost the last of the colorful fall aspen.  A photographer friend set me a challenge of finding a place to see both the golden aspen and the canyon.  I’ve looked along the Widforss trail and in several locations from the Ken Patrick trail.  Aspen tend not to grow very close to the rim and the few that do were the last to turn.  I think this is as good as it’s going to get for this year taken from a section of the Ken Patrick trail and looking at Brady Peak.

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Do you have a favorite from this week?

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