Foto Friday Fun 90

 Posted by on December 19, 2014  Foto Friday Fun
Dec 192014

This week’s Foto Friday Fun features 8 images chosen by readers from my photo archives.  Our meme number for this week is 1555.  Please link in any day this week by digging into your archives and sharing a photo and story on your blog.  Plus check out the other posts linked to the Foto Friday Fun meme.

Swaziland from N2 SE KwaZulu-Natal South AfricaDiane chose #1555 and has probably seen this view, or one much like it, while she lived in Africa.  I stood in South Africa along the highway gazing into Swaziland with this minimal barrier to mark a border.

Aztec Ruins National Monument New MexicoBibi chose #82, “the number of minutes in the Hindi mix cd I’m listening to.”  During her travels to India I’d think listening to the local music would help put the culture in perspective.  Seeing structures built by other cultures is also interesting like the remains at Aztec Ruins National Monument where I visited in June of 2005.  I was working at Mesa Verde National Park at the time and learning a lot about the Puebloan culture of the American Southwest.

Iris Yarnell ArizonaSherry chose #1212, the date she left a comment.  I know winter just began but I’d like to make a date with spring when I see the Iris bloom in my Yarnell yard.  This shot was taken in April 2009 before the big fire yet they still rise in their glory from the ashes.

Giant Kingfisher Kruger National Park South AfricaThe Guy chose #3854.  I don’t really consider myself a true birder however enjoy seeing them and adding new species to my life list.  I swear I’ve seen this same Giant Kingfisher sitting on the bridge rail every time I’ve been to Kruger National Park in South Africa.  Isn’t it a beauty?

Gated park entrance with snow Hwy 67 S Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaSallie chose #1256 for the time she left a comment last week.  This time she gets what the North Rim entrance station looks like before spring opening.  And sometimes there’s snow like in April 2009.

Fall aspen FR611 Kaibab National Forest ArizonaYogi chose #7822 and “picked it out all by myself!”  (He usually lets random dot org do it for him.)  I’ve seen some lovely fall photos from his Oklahoma home area so think he’ll enjoy these golden aspen seen while cruising the Kaibab National Forest this past fall.

Southern Right Whale sign Tsitsikamma National Park Stormsriver Mouth Eastern Cape South AfricaShane chose #3301.  Wherever I travel I take photos of signs, partly to help me remember where I was when labeling photos but also for the information and I’m always attracted to interpretive signs.  Did you know that 37 species of whales and dolphins occur in southern African waters?  Says so on this sign from Tsitsikamma National Park South Africa.  However I was there at the wrong season to see whales.

View of valley from mouth of Natural Bridge Canyon Death Valley National Park CaliforniaElaine chose #1101 which shows Death Valley from the mouth of Natural Bridge Canyon.  In October 2009 I went on a Ranger guided hike into this canyon.  Death Valley National Park is such a diverse place I really need to get back to.

Hoar frost on charred branch Yarnell ArizonaMy choice from Sunday morning when I awoke to 20F with hoar frost and knew it was definitely time to head to a warmer climate.

Please join in by:

1) Sharing a #1555 photo index number from your photo archives in a post on your blog with a story that goes with the photo.  Then add the URL from that post to Mr. Linky below along with your name (Gaelyn, AZ), and link back to Foto Friday Fun 90 in your post so others may read and join in.

2) You can also leave a number between 01 and 9000 in a comment for next week’s Foto Friday Fun.

3) One or both of the above.

First commenter will chose next week’s photo index number.

Do you have a favorite from this week?

Camping in the driveway

 Posted by on December 17, 2014  RV lifestyle
Dec 172014

Computer on dinette Yarnell ArizonaAll my bags are packed and I’m ready to go…  Wednesday night I’m camping in the driveway.  Plugged in to have heat because it’s cold in Yarnell at 5000 feet.

Loading camper Yarnell ArizonaRained most of the day so I loaded between the drops.  And also waded in the lake outside the 5th-wheel.

Sunset Yarnell ArizonaDid have a little color to sunset so maybe tomorrow will be a clear dry day.  I sure hope so.

Because I’m heading south tomorrow.  Destination unsure.

Really, I am going to hit the road

 Posted by on December 15, 2014  travel
Dec 152014

Sunset at the beach Bandon OregonI’ve been talking road trip for months.  First idea was all over the Pacific Northwest which only partly happened.  Also threw out southeast Arizona due to higher elevations meaning cool temperatures.  And you know I Don’t Do Cold!  So many choices and national park options: Death Valley National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, Anza Borego, Salton Sea…

woman-pulling-hair-out.-CartoonHad a few important things to tie up before I leave, mostly insurance shit.  I don’t want to rant about AHC (Affordable Health Care) because maybe that can save me from an over $100 increase to my current AZBCBS.  And BS it is.

But I don’t want to sit around all winter.  I am going to hit the road.  I just hesitate to write a plan because shit happens and plans change.  And now Christmas is coming and I don’t like to travel over the holidays.

Inside camper Yarnell ArizonaSo I’ll just keep packing the camper and one of these days I am going to hit the road.

Dart boardWhere to?  Surprise!


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